Our Teachers
Our Teachers

Mr. Vik

-With over 20 years of teaching experience
– Founder of Focus Education

Ms. Maya

-With over 15 years of teaching experience
-With Finance Background

Mrs. Foo

-With over 2 years of teaching experience
-With Marketing Background

Achievements from 2017 to 2019

93.33% achieved A/A’ at the 2019 PSLE

91% of students achieved T-score of 250 and above

83% of students achieved L1R5 of 10 points and below for GCE O Levels

Achievements in 2019

93.33% achieved A/A' at the 2019 PSLE

91% of students achieved T-score of 250 and above

83% of students achieved Ll R5 of 10 points and below

MOE Registered
Established 2006

Ryan (GCE O levels A-Mathematics, E-Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics)

Mr Vik tutored me in Additional Mathematics (A-math), Elementary Mathematics(E-math), Chemistry and Physics, while also advising me on some “English” essays. The use of the word, “advised” might be one that may seem odd to you at first. However, I believe that by the time you finish reading this, you will be convinced that having classes under Mr Vik is the right choice for students wishing to do well in their exams.

To give some context, when I first joined Mr Vik’s classes (end of 2017), I was a student that had just barely scraped through the Secondary 3 End-Of-Year examinations with an E8 for A-math, D7 for E-math and C5 for both Sciences. At the end of 2018, I was averaging an A1 for all these subjects throughout the Secondary 4 year within my internal examinations, and graduated scoring an A1 for the very same subjects in the ‘O’ levels.

You might now be wondering, how is Mr Vik and the classes he teaches like? Well, if I was to sum my experience into one word, that word would just be, different. Let me expand on that by sharing my experience during the 2-ish years I was tutored by him. Classes taught by Mr Vik were always pleasant to attend, especially since the homely and open classroom environment (where all questions are heard and answered) is conducive to inquisitive students looking to deepen their doctrinal knowledge and understanding. All that seems very good, but what exactly sets these lessons apart? Lessons with Mr Vik are more like face-to-face consultations rather than structured classes. He tailors lessons and teaching techniques to suit your particular learning style. For example, as I was never particularly great at memorising content, Mr Vik would devise bite size bits of notes for my subjects to do targeted practice. That said, what really stood out to me was how Mr Vik treats everyone as more than just a student but rather as a friend. His relaxed and calm demeanour exudes a quiet confidence that I can attest to as being very reassuring especially during this stressful time period. Personally, his friendship and kindness was what I appreciated most from his lessons. Touching back on what I previously said about giving me advice on my essays, this is just one example of how Mr Vik goes beyond what is typical from tutors to care for his students.

Of course, these tuition lessons are not the panacea to all your academic woes. Even as these lessons provide a fantastic platform on which students can rely on to do well, it is specious logic to assume that these lessons will work miracles without effort on the student’s end. If You are indolent, it is unlikely for any tutor or teacher to be able to save you from an eventual downward academic spiral. What I can promise you is that if you were to give Mr Vik your time, commitment and effort, I can wholeheartedly assure you that he will reciprocate and help you achieve your academic goals.


Tze Wah (GCE O levels E-Mathematics)

I went from E to A for my GCE O Levels, and I could not have done it without the help of Teacher Vik. His advice to me, in not just academic, but the valuable lessons in life allowed me to have a clearer picture of what adulthood has to offer me. It was his encouragement that led me to pursue the course of my dreams in Singapore Polytechnic after my GCE O Levels.

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Desiree Ho (GCE O Levels E-Mathematics & Physics & Chemistry)

Every time I think about the tuitions I have had throughout my Primary and Secondary school life, Focus Education is the place that brings back the fondest memories.

Consistently failing in Math, Science and Chinese throughout my Secondary 1 and 2 years, my mom decided to enroll me in tuition. We found Focus Education. My teacher(Mr Vik)made it very clear that we could use his center to study even when we did not have tuition. He was extremely keen to help us improve and was very willing to put in extra time to guide us. We could come down to the center anytime for help in our subjects and he would always do his best to help us.

My family was extremely surprised by my vast improvements in my “O” level results. From failing my Math and Science and barely passing my Chinese, I got A2s for Math and Science and a B3 for my Chinese.

Through Focus Education Center, I not only found greater understanding in the subjects I had always been failing, I met wonderful, loving teachers and many friends whom I still keep in contact with. Focus was like a home to me and sometimes I find myself wishing I were still a Secondary school student so I could go back for classes.


Rosanne Heng (PSLE English & Mathematics)

Ms Maya is a very meticulous, patient and passionate teacher that will go above and beyond for her students. She makes the lesson fun and easy to understand. With the notes given by Focus Education, I was able to score well in my subjects.


Yi Qi (GCE O Levels Physics & Chemistry)

Mr Vik was always willing to clarify our doubts in his Maths lessons, giving us tips and tricks to help us score in exams. His teaching method is very effective. He also went through multiple school exam papers with us, and taught us how to learn independently.

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Deborah Fernando (GCE O Levels E-Mathematics and A-Mathemtaics )

I first started with Focus in Secondary 3, taking up additional mathematics classes as that subject was my weakness. I took classes at Focus till I completed my GCE ‘O’ Levels which I scored well in and it wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for the tutor that I had. My tutor believed in me and told me never to give up and he too, never gave up on me even when I couldn’t understand math solutions. He was able to break things down and help me understand better. Something my teacher in school was unable to as she had too many students to cater to.

At Focus, I was able to study and learn in a conducive environment with friendly tutors I could seek help from and was not afraid to ask questions when in doubt. After that, Math became a favourite subject for me and my results improved so much, my mother was very proud of me. My tutor also helped me achieve my aim of a good grade to get into the course of my choice and also cared about the other subjects I was taking. I was given some good pointers for my ‘O’ level exams by my tutor which was indeed, very useful.

My experience at Focus was a fun, learning journey and the tutors are so dedicated to teaching, they made learning interesting. I also made good friends and study buddies who were also sitting for their ‘O’s and our tutors got us to do practice exam papers together and help each other through for we all had different strengths in different areas. With that, I understood even more and could discuss questions with them, learning along the way.

It started from a subject that I disliked, to it becoming one of my best and most favourite and I used to think that I was never going to need it in future but my course now requires me to do additional mathematics on a more advanced level and I love that I already have got my basics so it’s been quite a breeze for me.

Focus is a place I’ll never forget as it was an incredible place to learn and grow as a student and my tutor really cared for all his students. He’s someone I thank for guiding me .You couldn’t ask for more than dedicated tutors who only want you to excel and want the best for you.


Johnny (GCE O Levels E-Mathematics)

Lessons at Focus were carried out smoothly and I was given sufficient notes and support. My teachers were very encouraging and were always ready to address any doubts and concerns that I had. The teachers at Focus has provided us with rigorous practice that secured my A1 for Mathematics.


Gladys Lim (GCE O Levels Chemistry and POA)

My classes were small enough to allow my teachers to cater to individual students’ needs. Both Mr Vik and Ms Maya were both really friendly, helpful and informative. Mr Vik is a very knowledgeable teacher who knows the syllabus at the back of his hands and is good at predicting examination questions. My time at Focus has given me a strong foundation which allow me to pass with flying colours.


Fauziah (GCE O Levels E-Mathematics)

Mr. Vik is a very experienced teacher who helped me grasp the concept of Maths and the formulas better. I thankful to my teacher for equipping me with the skills to answer challenging questions effortlessly. I am very grateful to Mr. Vik for imparting his skills and techniques to me.