About Us
About Us

Established in 2006, we help students build confidence in their studies at school. Our classes are catered for primary to secondary levels and are designed to be stress-free for the students to learn at their own pace.

Teaching Philosophy
Open and lively interaction between teachers and students
Keep updated with the latest MOE Syllabus
Ensure all teaching materials are up-to-date
Instill the right learning attitude in students

Make learning fun and easy to understand

Build self-confidence in students

Prepare students with the right skills for life outside school

Core Values
Knowledge & Skills
Core Values
FOCUS Aim Model
Developing our lessons to follow the latest MOE syllabus.Having talented and educated staff who are trained to get you your grades.Providing you with the skills to master your examinations.
Building an INTEREST in learning
Understanding you and how you learn.     Focusing on your strengths and building on them.     Capturing your attention with innovative lessons.
Developing a MOTIVATION to succeed
Creating personal goals for you to work towards & Helping you discover your reason to learn.     Providing you with career guidance and counseling.
Subjects We Teach
Lower Secondary
Upper Secondary
English Mathematics Additional Mathematics Combined Science (Physics / Chemistry) Chemistry Physics Biology Principle of Accounts (POA)

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